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Where Flowers Once Grew touches on small town life and the effect memories have on a person. Edith has lived her whole life in a tiny Texas town. Anchored by happier memories with her late husband, she feels stunted in a life that no longer suits her.  The film borrows visual elements from ink wash paintings and is rendered in an experimental 3D style with animation that mimics hand-drawn sketches. 

Written and Directed by Gabrielle Ray

Produced by Danielle Riseley

Character Modeling

Jakki McDonald

Caitlyn Byham


Character Rigging

Lindsey Sprague


Prop Modeling

Gabrielle Ray


UV Unwrapping

George Fleites

Jason Fernandes


Particle Effects

Kelly Larkin

Gabrielle Ray



Gabrielle Ray

Sabrina Chaney


Gabrielle Ray

Jeannine Kernisan

Katie Olson

Anna Vrieling


Layout Painting

Gabrielle Ray

Matthew Mantel

Vince Cappelluti


Sound Design

Magnus Nelson


Re-recording Mixer

Clay Skinner



Mathew Pelton 

Lane Gardner


Voice Acting

Elaina Valore

Where Flowers Once Grew made its debut at the SCAD Graduate Animation Juried Showcase and received the Chair's Select Award for Achievement in Animation.

Where Flowers Once Grew has been accepted into the following festivals:

SCAD Graduate Animation Juried Showcase (USA) * ASIFA-Atlanta Roll Yer Own Fest (USA) * CutOut Fest (Mexico) * Short Short Story Film Festival (USA)  * SCAD Animate! (USA) * The World Animation Celebration 2015 International Short Film Festival (USA) * Filmstock Film Festival (USA)

Green Mountain Film Festival (USA) * Arkansas Shorts (USA) * Animac 2016 (Spain)  

New York Independent Film Festival (USA) * Winner of Red Dot Award 2016  (Germany)

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